FAQS – Constructora Conconcreto



On the Company’s Webpage, click on Investors, where you will find the tab that says Contact.

On the Company’s Webpage, directly in Home, you will find the option to download your certificate.  Likewise, in the Webpage, in the Investor portal, under the option Shareholder Services, you will fine the option Tax Certificates.  Make sure you have your identification document number and your Deceval number.

On the Investors Webpage in Home, you can see an icon with the Calendar of Events that will soon take place in our Company.  This is updated permanently.

Once the Balance Sheet and its corresponding Statement of Losses and Earnings for the year have been approved by the Board of Directors, the Shareholders Assembly proceeds to distribute the profits. The distribution of profits will be made in proportion to the paid part of the nominal value of the shares.

Historically, 50% of the profits are paid in dividends. Their payment is made through the brokerage firm, directly as a credit to the bank account or in cash. For those who have their shares managed by the Issuer, the payment is made directly to the bank account already registered in Deceval.

This is the increase in the value of the share, compared to the purchase price or the last price with which the share was negotiated in a specific period of time.

It is subject to the valuation of the share price in the market (the difference between the purchase price and the sale price), and the dividends that the Company distributes annually.

Nominal Value: This is the amount of money represented in the security at the time of contribution to capital or the constitution of the Company.

Equity Value or Intrinsic Value: This is the result of dividing the Company’s liquid equity into the number of Company shares in circulation.

Market Value or Stock Market Value: This is the price at which the share is traded in the public stock market.