How to invest in conconcreto? – Constructora Conconcreto

How to invest in conconcreto?


Currently, Conconcreto has 1,134,254,939 shares, which are traded in Colombia’s secondary market. This is understood as a market in which previously issued securities are traded according to the investors’ needs through a stock broker-in real time.

Stock brokers are members of the Stock Exchange and are the only ones authorized to perform in it. They are professionals specialized in trading securities, executing in the name of others, transactions on their own name, following the opportunities offered by the market, specifying with a precise indication the best choices for wealth management. The main objective of the stock brokers is to advise clients in the decision-making process and point them toward the best alternatives on how to invest their money.

The best way to become a Conconcreto stockholder is to visit a stock broker. In the following link, information of various entities is available. It is important to clarify that entities manage different policies, so it is recommended that you look for the one that suits your needs.

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