Engineering and design

We simulate and manage the design, construction and operation of our projects through digital information models focused on the BIM methodology for buildings and infrastructure.

+5 million

mts2 designed

+200 professionals


+50 projects


8º ATC

(Authoraized training center) Autodesk in Colombia

Integrated design with Builder DNA and BIM methodology

*Applies to infrastructure projects



Point clouds Level curves Budget and time estimation


conceptual - road

Architecture Mov. Land Volumetry Program Estimation of Budget and time Geotechnics*

Value Engineering

Design development

Architecture Structure Networks Construction documents and Coordination. Designs Specifications (BIMBAU) Logistics principles Construction budget
Time Baseline* Budget Baseline*



Productivity Prefabrication Layout Planning Cost control and programmingIncidencias*


Asset management

Dozier BIM Model record Mantenimiento*
Asset management*

Services for a value engineer

Servicio de ingeniería de valor

Functional architecture:

We design and materialize clients’ ideas based on an innovative design supported by a promise of sustainability and functionality.

value engineering service

Efficient structures:

We design and develop structures that translate into efficient projects and innovative construction systems.

Design service

Integrated networks:

We design, review and integrate and optimize the technical installations (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and hydrosanitary) of the projects.

Value engineering service

Comfort and sustainability design

We design comfortable, healthy and safe spaces based on the user experience so that our clients feel privileged, special and happy.

Value engineering service

BIM modeling

We develop the BIM modeling of the existing conditions or to articulate other aspects of the integrated design project under architectural modeling, urban planning, interior design, concrete structure, precast, metallic structure, foundations and all kinds of networks.

Engineering for infrastructure

Engineering for infrastructure

We develop a comprehensive design with interoperability for the simultaneous participation of the different disciplines involved in infrastructure projects working with 3D graphic production, document management and 4D monitoring.

Our services are focused on the integration of urban planning and public space designs, structures and geotechnics, electrical and hydraulic engineering, and roads and transportation.

Interdisciplinary and specialized team

50 Architects

+70 network and structural


+60 modelers Design integrators

Design integrators

focused on providing traceability to all engineering around the project*

Certified professionals

in Sustainable Construction (advanced CASA Colombia and Edge Expert)

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8th Autodesk ATC in Colombia

Developed by the Colombian Council for Sustainable Construction, it is a user-centered housing certification system that recognizes sustainable and healthy projects, and incorporates the concept of comprehensive sustainability. It highlights good practices from leading companies in urban planning and sustainable housing, proving to be technically and economically viable in VIS and Non-VIS projects, contributing to the development of the project’s business plan.


BIM Colombia Excellence Award

The company was nominated and finalist for the BIM Colombia excellence award in the category of design segment – ​​large commercial company.

Our clients

Our clients