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We are a company with 60 years of experience in the development of Infrastructure, building and housing projects in Colombia, Panama and the United States.

We generate value in all stages of the sustainable development of assets and territories, through investment and the impeccable execution of construction projects..

In Conconcreto, we inspire a sustainable future.

Our Presence

The company’s internationalization strategy focuses on Central America, South Florida and South America, through the identification of business opportunities and specialized allies that allow us to add value in the life cycle of construction projects.

Meet out portfolio

Construction Service

Construction Service

We offer value-added services for every stage of the construction lifecycle.

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Real Estate

Real Estate

We sell housing and commercial units in the main cities of the country.

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We develop investment projects through concessions and real estate assets for rent in Colombia and South Florida.

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The direct administration of the corporation, its legal representation and the management of the corporate business will be led by a President appointed by the Board of Directors for two-year (2) periods, who may be indefinitely reelected and freely removed as well by the Board at any time. The President of the corporation shall have four (4) alternates also chosen by the Board of Directors for the same period of the President and three (3) legal representatives for legal matters for a period of one (1) year.

Nicolas Jaramillo
First Alternate Legal Representative

Born in July 1978. He is a Civil Engineer who graduated from the School of Engineering of Antioquia (EIA) and is a Specialist in Corporate Finances from the same university. As part of his professional experience, he has worked for 14 years in Conconcreto. Currently, he serves as Business Vice President. He has also held Executive positions to Industrias CENO S.A, companies, Suramérica de Seguros S.A. and Pactia.

Juan Carlos Cubillos Escudero
Second Alternate Legal Representative

Born in November 1962, he is a Civil Engineer graduated from the Mining Faculty of the National University, certified in the Project Management Institute (PMI). His professional career includes more than 29 years in Constructora Conconcreto, performing in several management positions. He currently serves as Building Vice-President since 2015.

Candelaria Rodriguez
Legal Representative for Legal Affairs

Born in October 1979. She is a Law and Political Science graduate from Universidad Pontificia Bolivarianan UPB). Her professional experience includes three years in the company Enfoque Jurídico and four years in Suma Legal, where she served as a Lawyer. Later in Conconcreto she performed during five and a half years as Corporate Affairs Director. She is currently responsible for General Counsel. She participates on the CAS Mobiliario, Vía 40 Express S.A.S. and Pactia S.A.S. Boards of Directors.

Ana Isabel Villegas
Legal Representative for Legal Affairs

Born in November, 1986, Ana is a Law graduate from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB); she has a Specialization in Tax Law from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, another in Commercial Law from Universidad del Rosario, and in Corporate Law from EAFIT University. Her work experience includes five years in C. I. Hermeco S. A., Head of the Legal Area. Since 2005, she has worked in Constructora Conconcreto S. A., where she is currently the Director of Corporate Affairs.

Tatiana Otero Garcés
Legal representative for judicial matters

Born in Medellín in 1968. Lawyer specializing in constitutional law, public management and private management. She has extensive experience in the public sector, and in contract law. Since 2008, she has been working at the Conconcreto company as Contracting Director.

Ethics Line

Ethics Line: 018000-522790

What should we report?

– All wrong acts included in the code of ethics
– Incorrect conduct or behavior related to shareholders
– Disclosures of privileged and confidential information by employees
– Suspicious activities of money laundering, drug trafficking or any illegal act. – Incorrect behaviors or actions of the administration in matters related to the performance of the employees.
– Omissions or absence of controls in processes or procedures.

It is an anonymous service to report any irregular event that affects the interests of the organization, any of its members or the community in general.