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Our locations

Carrera 43A No. 18Sur-135
4th floor Sao Paulo Plaza
Phone:(604) 402 5700

Carrera 6 No. 115 – 65
Hacienda Santa Bárbara, Off. 308
Phone: (601) 482-3368

Carrera 53 No. 80-198
Atlántica Torre Empresarial
Office 1303

Torre de las Américas, RWorks
Punta Pacífica, Calle Isaac Hanono Missri
Ciudad de Panamá
Phone: (+507) 265-8680

Miami, USA
850 Le Jeune 850 NW
42nd Ave –
Suite 200
Miami, Florida 33126
Phone: (786) 699-9960

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our business has a big impact on the environment, climate change is a reality, so we must find ways to contribute to the world in a sustainable way.

Our sustainability priorities

  • Economic: the sustainability of our company, the profitability of our investors, the preservation of jobs.
  • Social: social responsibility, human talent development, work with communities, environmental transformation, occupational health and safety.
  • Environmental: seen from the perspective of our environmental management, resource efficiency, sustainable and efficient materials and processes, strategic allies.

Building in a way that is different. What we do is the reflection of what we believe in. We are confident that we can build sustainably, adding value throughout the life cycle of projects and having a great impact on society.

We believe in the sustainability of the world and the transformation of the environment to improve the quality of life and well-being of the communities we serve. We are inspired by the care of the environment, the development of the country and the growth of our clients.

We work for the future, adapting to change, evolving and always seeking to inspire through our knowledge and experience.

Together with our team of collaborators, we work with passion, commitment and integrity. We are always one step ahead, driving productivity in the construction industry and contributing to improve people’s quality of life, from the house they live in to a great engineering work.

That is why at Conconcreto we inspire a sustainable future.

The company has had an evolution in its business model from being just a construction company to a construction project manager, providing the market with an integrated portfolio that focuses on:

  • Construction services in buildings, infrastructure and housing, guaranteeing the planning of the project, its management and operation.
  • Real estate projects where we have a commercial team that generates sales strategies for housing projects in 8 cities in Colombia.
  • Investment portfolio composed of real estate funds in Colombia and South Florida through allied companies such as Pactia and Century Asset Management; we also have road concessions that span for more than 10 years in Cundinamarca and Antioquia.

Currently, the experience and knowledge of more than 60 years in the construction industry has allowed us to provide value throughout the life cycle of construction projects under the different stages.

  • Structuring: Pre-construction, Project management, Technical management, Conceptualization.
  • Design and value engineering: Architectural design, Interior design, Structural design, Network design (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), Geotechnical design, Geometric design of roads, Bioclimatic design, Integration of designs under BIM methodology .
  • Construction: prefabrication, time and cost productivity, efficient structures, efficient supply chain, standardization in the construction process.
  • Asset management and operation: specialized management, utilities management, Specialized management, Public service management, Maintenance and multiservices, Renovation and building adaptation


  • Sustainable development of projects, sustainability attributes in all stages of the projects.
  • Certification process for sustainable projects, implementation of sustainable and efficient materials and construction systems.
  • Allies that are also committed to sustainability such as: Azimut, Glasst, BIMBAU.
  • Figures and relevant information on our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, relevant information and growth figures of the organization, social management, among others.



  • Efficient use of resources and flawless execution.
  • Standardized processes to deliver on time and within budget.
  • Value chain analysis in all projects. Success stories with exceptional efficiencies and deadlines.
  • Visibility of planning, execution and control processes performed by our center of excellence.
  • Design, review and optimization of integrated networks. Integration of disciplines (design, architecture, structure, networks and management) to optimize time, costs and operation.
  • Collaborative methods and tools for integrated project management.


Innovation and digital transformation:

  • Digital technologies and tools for the entire value chain.
  • Processes and methodologies that are innovative for the construction industry.
  • Habitat of Innovation 4.0 – Innovative culture that runs through the organization.
  • Intelligent asset management.
  • Fleet management system.
  • 3D printing.
  • Liquid Galaxy.
  • Topographic surveys with drones.
  • Virtual reality for on-site employee training and marketing, among others.
  • We like big challenges, to innovate and leave our mark.
  • We are approachable and trust worthy.
  • We work as a team, with purpose, passion and perseverance.
  • We act with integrity and consistency.

Our DNA defines what we carry in our blood and what is not negotiable, it defines what we are, what we are made of. It is a commitment inside and outside the company:

  • Knowledge
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Productivity