Board of directors – Constructora Conconcreto

Board of directors


The Board of Directors shall be integrated with ten (10) members, who shall be elected for periods of two (2) years, applying the electoral quotient.  The persons elected may be replaced in partial elections, in which case, his or her period shall be that remaining to complete the two (2) years of the previous member.  There are no alternate members in the Board of Directors.

Board members shall be elected, considering the criteria of professional competence, suitability and recognized moral solvency and, in all cases, a minimum of thirty percent (30%) of the members shall be Independent Members.

In the Board of Directors, the broadest mandate is understood as being delegated to administer the Company; consequently, it shall have sufficient attributed to order that any act or contract shall be executed or entered into that is within the Corporate Purpose and the competency of which is not attributed by the Bylaws or by Law to the General Shareholders’ Assembly.

The remuneration of the Board members shall be established by the General Shareholders’ Assembly, considering objective criteria of a business nature.  This retribution shall be transparent, and with this purpose, the amount shall be made known, in the annual information that is given to the Company’s Shareholders.

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Born in 1958, Christophe has degrees from École Polytechnique and from École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (France), y a Masters in Finance from Université Paris-Dauphine.  He began his career in the Ministère de l’Equipement (now the French Ministry of Ecology) and then moved to the Spie Batignolles Group, where he worked in several managerial positions in Spie Enertrans.  He joined the VINCI Group in 1997 as Director of Concessions in Campenon Bernard (1997-1998), Executive Vice President of Campenon Bernard, which later became VINCI Construction Grands Projets (1999-2001), and General Director of VINCI Energies Nord (2002-2003). He transferred to VINCI Concesiones in 2004, where he worked as Deputy Director for Southeast Europe (2004-2009), then as Client-Side Project Management Director and President of VINCI Railways.  In that role, he was appointed President of AGIFI (French Association of Independent Rail Infrastructure Administrators) from its inception in 2014 until 2017.  He has been VINCI’s Director of Business Development since 2017.


Born in 1959, Richard joined VINCI Group in 1983.  After having begun his career with an Internship Period as a National Service Volunteer in the Ain Shams Hospital in El Cairo, he continued to hold the position of Regional Director – North, then Province Director in Sogea Construction.  He then held the position of President of VINCI Construction International Subsidiaries and President of VINCI Construction in March 2006.  He was appointed Vice President of Contracting for the Group in January 2010, a position he currently holds.


Born in 1958, Luis Fernando is an Industrial Management graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), with an MBA from the University of Chicago.  Within his professional experience, he worked for eight years at The Marmon Group in Chicago, then at Crystal S. A. S., he has held different positions as International Vice President, Executive Vice President and since 2004 – until today – Corporate President.  He also participates in Boards of Directors in Bancolombia S.A., Etiflex S.A., MAS S.A.S., ANDI Antioquia Regional Office and ANDI Directorate General.


Born in 1961, Jaime Alberto is a Production Engineer from EAFIT University; he has a Specialization in Information Systems from EAFIT and an Advanced Management Program (AMP) from Harvard Business School.  His professional career has been developed in the Corona Organization, where he is currently the General Manager of Sumicol, with more than 11 years in the position.  He also belongs to the Board of Directors at Corporación Tecnnova, Ecocementos SAS and the ANDI Antioquia Regional Office.

Born in 1952, Álvaro es a Business Administrator from Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla.  He began his professional career in the Philadelphia National Bank, where he became Vice President; he then held the position of President at Invercrédito and later at Banco de Colombia.  In 1997, he founded IT Outsourcing.  Subsequently, he held the position of President at Avianca Holdings, where, today, he is a Board member.  He also participates in other Boards, such as PetroWorks, Tribeca Asset Management and Grupo Daabon.

Nora is an Architect, having graduated from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana; she has a Masters in Urban Design from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as well as having completed several specialization studies in Design Management, Land Management in Large Urban Projects, and Skills Development and Leadership.  Her work experience has been in different positions, such as the Horacio Caminos Assistant Professor at MIT, Head of the Design Workshop at Condiseño Ltda., Director of the Project Department at Conconcreto S. A., Founding Partner and Manager of Contexto Urbano S. A., Director of the District Planning Department and Technical Formulation of the Land-Use Plan (POT, in Spanish), the Bogotá Land-Use Plan and General Manager of Renta Urbana S.A.S.


Born in 1963, Carlos graduated as a Civil Engineer from the School of Engineering of Antioquia and a Masters in Construction Engineering and Management from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). He has held various positions within Constructora Conconcreto since he joined the Company more than 28 years ago; he is currently an adviser to the Presidency and Director of the Bogotá branch. He has belonged to the Conconcreto Board in several discontinuous periods and he currently is a Board Member of Concessions CCFC S. A. S., as an alternate member, and the Board of Administración de Recursos y Oportunidades S.A..


Born in 1964, José Alejandro is a Civil Engineer from the University of Texas at Austin and has a Specialization in Corporate Finances from EAFIT University.  He is a Founding Partner and has been the Director of SBI Banca de Inversión S.A. for more than 20 years.  Since 2009, he was a member of the Inversiones Conconcreto Board and later entered the Constructora Conconcreto S. A., when the merger of the two companies occurred.  He is a member of other Board, such as West Química S.A and Inmel S.A.S.


Carolina is a Social Communicator – Journalist from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; she has a Master’s in International Journalism from the University of Westminster and studies in Leading Innovative Change at the University of California (UC) in Berkeley. She currently works with the General Manager of Discovery Networks for Colombia and Head Digital for Latin America. She is a member of the AIESEC Colombia Board, the Latino Impact Summit Advisory Committee and the MET Community Board Advisor. She is an international lecturer, one of the country’s 100 Leaders in the MERCO Ranking and is passionate about innovation and digital transformation with human transformation.


Born in 1969, Orlando is an Attorney – at – Law from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and he has a Masters in Philosophy from Boston College. To date, he serves as the President of the Colombian Natural Gas Association – Ministry of Mines and Energy, and as President of the National Hydrocarbon Agency. He currently sits on the Boards of ISAGEN, Tuscany Drilling and Frontera Energy.